Cannabis Legislation Guide: New York

As recreational legalization across the country increases, more and more states are opening themselves up to the acceptance of cannabis businesses and dispensaries, and gearing up to participate in a rapidly growing industry and serve an eager customer base.  Recognizing the negative impacts that former marijuana prohibition tactics had on its communities, New York has […]

Cannabis Legislation Guide: New Jersey

While it’s been nearly a year since New Jersey voters passed a referendum to legalize cannabis in their state, it was not until last month that regulators came together to establish the initial rules for an emerging marijuana retail industry.  After spending time taking considerations from the public, the state aims to develop a cannabis […]

Cannabis Legislation Guide: Virginia

Cannabis Legislation Guide: Virginia On April 21, 2021, Virginia broke ground by becoming the first southern state to begin the process of legalizing adult-use cannabis. While this is a huge milestone for cannabis lovers, especially for those in communities that have been wrongfully affected by prohibition and policing, legal sales of the plant will not […]

Why Outsourcing Accounting Will Maximize your Dispensary’s Revenue

As an entrepreneur, you know that time is your most valuable commodity. Many business owners make the mistake of wearing too many hats and wasting hours trying to figure it all out by themselves.  Outsourcing your accounting to cannabis industry professionals is one of the best options to solve this problem. With so much competition […]

The Basics of Starting a Cannabis Business: Funding & Financials

Those interested in starting their own cannabis business are likely aware of how difficult the industry can be to navigate. It’s hard to know where you should even start between adhering to strict federal regulations and making sense of the application process. Before jumping in head first, keep reading to learn some basic fundamentals about […]

How to Open a Dispensary in 2022

dispensary open sign with green neon lettering and a cannabis leaf on a store window

It’s no secret that the Cannabis industry is growing fast. With more and more states legalizing the plant for adult recreational use, entrepreneurs all over the country are rushing in to become a part of the cannabis gold rush. Excited at the prospect of large profit margins, and high customer demand, many business owners have […]

Cannabis Industry Payroll: How Is It Different?

Cannabis leaves sitting on top of benajamin franklin $100 dollar bills

Cannabis is a multi-million, and in some states billion, dollar industry that will continue to grow as more states move toward legalization. While cannabis is legal for adult use in some states, it’s still federally illegal.  The legal status of cannabis brings about complex challenges for cannabis business owners. Due to certain regulations, many cannabis […]