How To Open A Dispensary In Maryland

Ask any economic expert about the most thriving sectors in Maryland, and they’ll speak to the state’s prowess in manufacturing, energy/utilities, life sciences, and construction. However, Maryland is gaining more notoriety for another commodity that can earn a substantial amount of revenue; legalized adult-use cannabis.  Many Maryland residents might hear about adult-use cannabis legalization and […]

How Profitable Is Running A Dispensary?

How profitable is a dispensary

We’ve come a long way from cannabis being a primary target of the misguided War On Drugs. The first revolutionary step came back in 1992 when the first medical cannabis dispensary, The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, opened itself to the public to serve patients. Soon after, both Cannabis Buyers Club founders co-authored Proposition 215 […]

CPA’s Tips on Building a Solid Foundation for Your Dispensary

The cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth as adult use has become legalized in many states over the last few years. If you’re considering opening a cannabis dispensary, you need a strong financial foundation.  It’s best to start with a robust and detailed business plan, which is the first step to state licensing. This plan […]

Bookkeeper vs. Accountant: What’s the Difference?

In the cannabis sector, the need for flawless record-keeping and accounting combined with permanently evolving regulations means cannabis businesses face a steep challenge in maintaining financial compliance.  Relying solely on in-house methods for cannabis bookkeeping and accounting purposes could prove futile, especially given the busy pace of the cannabis space. Thus, the wisest approach to […]

5 Fatal Mistakes You Might Be Making As A Cannabis Business Owner

Cannabis business owners are often passionate about their product and service, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to making mistakes. Given the strict regulations put in place by lawmakers, a few fatal errors can cause your business to have serious problems.  Keep reading to learn five of the most common mistakes made by cannabis business […]

How to Choose the Right Marijuana Stock

With the rising public acceptance of cannabis, this risky asset class presents a fantastic opportunity for your stock portfolio to develop.The global legal cannabis industry is expected to reach $84 billion in value by 2028. With such remarkable growth anticipated, it’s unsurprising that many investors are interested in cannabis stocks. With that being said, you […]

How to Finance Your Cannabis Business

New Frontier Data projects the U.S cannabis market is expected to reach $30 Billion in annual sales by 2025. This growth is fueled by increased consumption as adult-use becomes legal across the country. Given the upward trend, many entrepreneurs are eager to learn how they can start their own cannabis business, such as a dispensary […]

Top 3 Challenges for Entrepreneurs When Entering the Cannabis Industry

Although cannabis legalization is spreading across the United States, the industry is still in its infancy. This means that entrepreneurs who are eager to get involved in cannabis may find themselves facing many roadblocks. From regulatory concerns to financing issues, there are a number of potential pitfalls that could trip up your business. This blog […]

What Do Dispensaries Do With All Their Cash?

Many states in the U.S have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, making it a multibillion-dollar industry. Plant touching operations, like dispensaries, enjoy a steady cash flow under perfectly legal and licensed state laws. However, federal law still categorizes cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, causing issues regarding banking and customer payment methods. Have […]

Guide: How Do Dispensaries Pay Their Employees?

It’s no secret that the future is bright for the cannabis industry. According to Leafly, the US cannabis industry supports over 320,000 full-time jobs. That’s an impressive number considering the industry is still young by many standards. While this growth is exciting for entrepreneurs, there are still many federal regulations that make it challenging for […]