Cannabis Accounting Resources

Achieve peace of mind with sound financial solutions from Green Space Accounting.

Accounting Services for Cannabis Businesses

Whether you’re a dispensary owner, grower, or manufacturer, maintaining your financial records should be at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to manage this side of your business in addition to focusing on core initiatives like managing employees, creating a marketing plan, and providing excellent customer service. Many business owners make the mistake of wearing too many hats, causing them to overlook potentially costly mistakes.

When you work with Green Space Accounting, we become an intimate member of your team. We’ll give you more than just complex financial data. Instead, get the tools you need to maximize profits and cut back on unnecessary expenses. Green Space has a deep understanding of the challenges it takes for cannabis businesses to thrive in the space, so contact us today and put practical accounting solutions in place!

Green Space Accounting

Looking after the financial side of your cannabis business can be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. Green Space Accounting provides you with comprehensive and reliable cannabis accounting services, so you can focus on what matters most– growing or establishing your business in the cannabis industry!

Cannabis Accounting FAQ

Hiring an accountant is important for businesses in any industry, but it’s even more crucial in the cannabis space. Constantly changing state laws and regulations make it difficult for dispensaries and cannabis companies to keep a compliant financial system in place, especially when you’re doing business in multiple states with different laws.

Many traditional accounting firms will not work with cannabis businesses because of the increased risks associated with the industry. It is best to work with a dedicated cannabis accountant that understands the ins and outs of compliance, payroll, and bookkeeping for cannabis companies.

While handling your accounting & financials on your own is always an option, we highly advise against it since cannabis is a high-stake industry. One mistake could result in serious penalties or fines, so it’s crucial that an expert performs your accounting tasks.