Cannabis Inventory Accounting: What You Need To Know


Mastering Cannabis Inventory Accounting Best Practices In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, understanding the complexities of cannabis inventory accounting has never been more critical.  It’s a world where traditional accounting principles meet unique regulatory challenges, creating a labyrinth that can confound even seasoned professionals.  This guide will demystify the intricate dance between accounting norms, regulatory […]

Cannabis Banking Solutions – Modern Financial Solutions For The Marijuana Industry


A Comprehensive Guide To Cannabis Banking In Maryland The cannabis industry, in recent years, has seen substantial growth due to changes in societal attitudes and state-level legalizations of medicinal and recreational use.  However, despite its burgeoning market size, the industry grapples with significant financial hurdles, largely stemming from its complex legal status. At a federal […]

Maryland Weed Legalization: How To Capitalize On Maryland’s Marijuana Legalization


In the wake of Maryland’s historic decision to legalize recreational marijuana, businesses, and entrepreneurs are poised to enter a new and lucrative landscape, filled with both opportunities and challenges that require keen understanding and strategic planning. Maryland’s legalization of recreational marijuana opens a wealth of opportunities. The new law, effective July 1, 2023, allows adults […]

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Cannabis Accountants Near Maryland


Finding cannabis accountants near Maryland can prepare you for the oncoming legalization on July 1st. When you pick a qualified professional accountant specific to the cannabis industry, you can have financial success.  As you look to hire a cannabis accountant, they need to be professionally qualified, have experience in the cannabis industry, and know the […]

Bookkeeping For Dispensaries: Basics of Managing Your Money


It’s important for any business to carefully manage its financial records, but it’s even more vital for cannabis dispensaries. Bookkeeping for dispensaries can be more complex than in many other industries because they deal almost exclusively in cash. Cannabis dispensaries also have very strict guidelines about what they can deduct on their taxes. Bookkeeping for […]

Can A Cannabis Business Have A 401k?


As cannabis companies grow and develop their business successfully, they are met with regulations. Due to strict regulations, it may leave some wondering whether they can incorporate 401k for their employees.  Cannabis businesses can have a 401k for their business that isn’t directly put it under the 280e Tax code and COGS. However, the IRS […]

Cannabis Dispensary Cost Of Goods Sold – What You Need To Know About


Cannabis dispensaries are taxed differently than companies in almost every other industry. According to the tax code, businesses that sell Schedule I drugs (like cannabis) cannot benefit from many tax deductions that other businesses use to reduce their taxable income. One of the only things that cannabis dispensaries can deduct is their Cost of Goods […]

Maryland Cannabis Accountants: Choosing the Right Professionals For Your Business


In Maryland, the need for specialized cannabis accountants has grown significantly due to the expanding and emerging market. Hiring a specialized cannabis accountant in Maryland requires you to consider various factors such as experience, industry knowledge, communication skills, additional services, and more (we’ll discuss below). By conducting thorough research and considering these factors, you can […]

Cannabis Accounting Software: Top Points to Evaluate Before Making a Decision


In the realm of cannabis businesses, there is an abundance of software tools designed to automate various tasks, freeing you from dealing with minor details. When properly utilized, accounting software can significantly simplify your life and streamline your operations. There are things you should know about using accounting software before incorporating it into your everyday […]

Accounting For Dispensaries – Expert Tips You Need To Know


Navigating the financial aspects of running a business can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to operating a dispensary. Key aspects of dispensary accounting include tracking expenses, inventory management, preparing financial statements, monitoring cash flow, and staying compliant with tax regulations, such as the 280e tax code. By implementing effective accounting practices, you can gain […]