Seed-to-Sale Software: The Accounting Advantage of Seed-to-Sale Software in Cannabis

Seed-to-Sale Software: The Accounting Advantage of Seed-to-Sale Software in Cannabis

The software is an essential tool to maintain for many cannabis operations wanting to automate and minimize accounting accidents.  A seed-to-sale software system tracks sales, monitors cultivation operations, and processes these tasks for optimal inventory recording. It’s an inventory control system allowing cannabis operations to streamline their entire product line from start to end. Keeping […]

Do Dispensary Employees Pay Taxes?

do dispensary employees pay taxes

As we all know, the industry throws us a curve ball every so often and taxes are no exception. Compliance regulations are especially cumbersome to taxes and businesses, like dispensaries, have to follow these regulatory guidelines.  Not only dispensaries but their employees must follow the same regulatory compliance rules. Dispensary employees pay their taxes by […]

Comprehensive Guide to Medical Marijuana Accounting: Best Accounting Practices


Cannabis businesses are met with several regulatory challenges due to the strict standards the laws set forth.  Conducting accounting for medical marijuana companies isn’t exempt from these regulations and knowing how to utilize accounting procedures can save the business time along with money.  Accounting requires a methodical way to navigate the taxation laws in the […]

Cannabis Accounting Training: Hiring Professionals To Train You V.S Hiring An Expert 

Cannabis Accounting Training Hiring Professionals To Train You

When looking to manage your accounting activities, there may be a list of to-dos to ensure the finances are accurately reported. It can prove daunting to navigate through all things accounting, but luckily there are ways around the extremities.  You can either hire an accountant or hire a cannabis accounting training professional to help conduct […]

Seed To Sale Tracking Spreadsheet: Cannabis Guide To Managing Operations


When you’re looking to enhance your business operations, knowing how to track your product inventory and sales is essential for staying compliant.  A seed-to-sale tracking spreadsheet helps you manage and control inventory in your business by keeping track of sales, processing, and cultivation. The entire system manages and tracks the inventory within the cultivation business […]

Navigating The 280E Loophole: Uncovering The Cannabis Industry’s Tax Strategy


The cannabis regulations continue to rattle many cannabis businesses, especially the 280e taxation regulations. This makes it challenging for cannabis owners to deduct taxes on expenses. Luckily, there are ways around the regulatory code due to the 280e loophole. When navigating around the tax code, you have more control over your taxes.  Knowing your way […]

Cannabis License Application Guide: Navigating Your Cannabis Business


The cannabis industry is rapidly growing with new licenses occurring every year. Along with licensing, comes new regulations and procedures set in various states legalizing cannabis.  If you’re a new cannabis company residing in Maryland and other states accepting license applications, you need to understand how to get started in this direction.  A cannabis license […]

Nationally Recognized Cannabis Accounting Firm, Green Space Accounting, Co-Owner Lakia Bourne Confirmed As Keynote Speaker At PBC Conference 2023


Assisting Cannabis Companies Towards Success & Compliance Through All-Encompassing Financial Services. Bowie, MD, September 15, 2023 ( – Green Space Accounting, a leader in cannabis accounting & financial services, announces that their co-owner, LaKia Bourne, will be delivering a keynote talk at the PBC Conference on September 21-22, 2023, in Washington, D.C. As a nationally […]

5 Top Payroll Providers For Cannabis Dispensaries


Key Features To Look For In A Cannabis Dispensary Payroll Provider There are robust payroll providers any cannabis business owner can work with to enhance their payroll operations. If you are one of these owners, there are critical factors to understand before deciding to hire a provider.  With the market increasing in the cannabis industry, […]

Cannabis Inventory Software: A Deep Dive Into Streamlining Your Inventory


Cannabis Inventory In Maryland: Essential Tips For Startups In Streamlining Operations. When you’re looking to enhance your business operations, knowing how to manage your inventory with a dedicated software system can save you time, and an accounting headache.  Cannabis inventory software provides an easy way to track and manage your inventory for accuracy, compliance, and […]